Rechargeable Personal Alarm

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Rechargeable Personal Safety Alarm

Our Vision is to help bring safer communities to women, men, and children, and because you carry our personal alarm, we are one step closer to that vision.

When to use it

This rechargeable self defense siren is intended for use in emergency situations where you feel you are unsafe and wish to alert people around you to come rescue, or scare off attackers. Some Examples include:

  • Suspicion that you are being followed when you are walking alone at night
  • You spot a potentially unsafe situation nearby, for example an attacker approaching children and you want to draw attention and/or scare off the attacker away
  • You Require immediate help and cannot reach people with your voice alone

What it does

When the device is activated, the device will emit a very loud alarm noise (130db) with SOS light. The alarm noise will sound continuously until deactivated. The alarm duration is expected to last up to 90 minutes with full power.

How to us it

To activate the alarm, pull out the keychain, push back the pin to the body to stop the alarm.